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The i-Trop platform is composed of 6 informaticians and bioinformaticians members of four IRD research units

The i-Trop platform gives access to these research units and their partners to an ISO 9001 certified HPC cluster, conducts trainings, installs tools and provides ressources to perform their bioinformatics analysis.

It is based on the IRD center of Montpellier, member of the Southgreen platform and of the IFB.

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ONT Trainings 2021

Formation ONT 2021 Les membres du plateau I-Trop co-organisent une nouvelle formation intitulée "Introduction à l’analyse de données Nanopore"!. Cette[…]

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Softwares Installation in May 2021

The following softwares have been installed in May BEAST version: 2.6.4 Description: BEAST is a cross-platform program for Bayesian MCMC[…]

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Software installations in April 2021

The following software have been installed in April: iqtree version: 2.1.2 Description: Efficient software for phylogenomic inference URL: Command[…]

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