Trainings 2019 – Metabarcoding


Metabarcoding analyses (using FROGS and Phyloseq)

This course offers an introduction to metabarcoding analyses at two different levels/steps: bioinformatics with FROGS pipeline in the Galaxy environment, biostatistics with PhyloSeq R package. This includes preprocessing, clustering and OTU picking, taxonomic assignation, estimation of diversity, visualization of statistics results.


Galaxy, R knowledge, Linux


  • Introduction to metagenomics and metabarcoding
  • Pre-processing, Clustering, taxonomic affiliation (FROGS)
  • Handling and visualizing OTU table using (FROGSSATS and PhyloSeq R package (PhyloSeq)

Learning objectives

  • Manipulate tools available for metabarcoding analysis
  • Study sample diversity by using NGS and post-NGS analysis tools
  • Visualize diversity metrics in metabarcoding approach

Training material


  • Julie Reveilleud (JR) -
  • Frederique Mahé (FM) -
  • Florentin Constancias (FC) -
  • Julie Orjuela (JO) -
  • Marie Simonin (MS) -
  • Alexis Dereeper (AD) -
  • Aurore Comte (AC) -


Date Location Topics Participants Instructors Links Units
2019 Montpellier, France Introduction to transcriptomics analyses 20 FM, FM, JO, JR, MS UMR ASTRE, BGPI, DIADE, IPME
2018 Montpellier, France Introduction to transcriptomics analyses 20 FC, JO, AD UMR DIADE, IPME, BOREA, QUALISUD
2016 Ouagadougou, Burkina Bioinformatics applied to genomics 20 FM, AD IRD
2015 Hanoi, Vietnam Bioinformatics applied to genomics 20 AD LMI Rice