Trainings 2019 – PERL


This course provides an introduction to programming using Perl and at the end of the training, participants could write simple Perl programs to handle biological data and to undertstand more complex Perl programs written by others.


Basic knowledge of Linux (Linux for dummies required)


  • Perl data structures (scalar,arrays, hashes)
  • Structure control ( loops)
  • Basic functions, and operators.
  • Writing and running your own program
  • Passing options and files to his own script.
  • Regular expressions

Learning objectives

  • Writing simple Perl programs to analyze data files
  • Understanding Perl programs written by others
  • Using Perl basic syntax and modules in their own script
  • Run programs from their script, parsing and extracting data from data files

Training material


  • Christine Tranchant (CT) -
  • François Sabot (SB)
  • Alexis Dereeper (AD)
  • Gaetan Droc(GD)


Date Location Topics Parrticipants Instructors Links Units
2017 Dakar, Senegal Linux & Perl 20 CT, FS IRD, Bel Air Campus
2015 Montpellier, France Perl for the genomics 20 CT, FS, GD, AD UMR AGAP, BGPI, DIADE, IMPE, MIVEGEC, INTERTRYP