Training in bioinformatics, Montpellier (18-21 octobre 2011)


A four-days course was organized, with the support of IRD, by the platform.The main objectives of the training were acquire the basic bioinformatics knowledge and skills and get familiar with bioinformatics tools available on plant and health bioinformatics servers. Practical sessions during this course focused on Galaxy, a web-based Platform for NGS data analysis and on linux to perform data analysis on the IRD bioinformatics servers.


Thirty-two persons belonging to five different UMRs (DIADE, RPB, MIVIGEC, TransVIHMI and LSTM) participed in this course. This training was broadly opened to young researchers from the countries of the South (Madagascar; Peru, Tunisia, Cameroon,  Benin).


This course was a combination of lectures, problem solving exercises and practical sessions. It was divided into 3 modules :


  • Introduction to bioinformatics and use of bioinformatics tools available on the web (F. Sabot, P. Larmande,  A. Dereeper)
  • Galaxy, an web-based Platform for NGS data analysis  (F. Sabot, A. Dereeper)
  • Introduction to linux, command line and computer user, use of bioinformatics software in command-line (B. Granouillac, C. Tranchant)




  • Génomique et bio-informatique (cours, pdf)
  • Homologie et phylogénie (cours, ppt)
  • Homologie et phylogénie (TP, doc)
  • Os01g62920.gff3



  • Galaxy et NGS (cours, pdf)
  • Galaxy et NGS (TP, pdf)
  • Polymorphismes SNP (cours, ppt)
  • Polymorphismes SNP (TP, doc)



  • Cours Linux (pdf




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