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INsPECT (INtracellular ParasitE CounTer) is a free and open source software dedicated to automate quantification of Leishmania intracellular parasites based on fluorescent DNA images. In combination with Phase Contrast (or DIC) corresponding images, the software can further discriminate intra- from extracellular parasites. Output results comprises both visual and text results including all calculated parameters required for in vitro infection studies.

 INsPECT works with image files acquired from any fluorescent microscope, and runs either automatically or in a custom mode. It is proposed as a new fast, flexible and simple alternative to classical intracellular parasites quantification methods.



Acknowledgements :

This project was supported by IRD institutional fundings, University of Algarve. 


Contacts :

Baptiste Vergnes (Baptiste (dot) Vergnes (at) ird (dot) fr)

Hamid Reza Shahbazkia (hshah (at) ualg (dot) pt)


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Sample images


Manual :


INsPECT user guide

Javadoc + source code


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