Computer Account Policies

These policies apply to all users with accounts on the bioinformatic server. In principal, the following norms are observed on granting and the use of the user accounts:

  1. AccountsEach user who logs on to the network should have his own unique user account and password. To maximize security, you should avoid multiple users sharing one account.
  2. The manager of the lab/group assumes responsibility to inform the actual users the user policies, make sure their proper use of the account, and ultimately responsible as the "owner" of the account.
  3. Users assume the responsibility to the proper use and managing of the account. Users are assumed to have already known the basics of computer operations on the given platform, known the IRD computer use policies and policies articulated in this document.
  4. Shared Resources: The server is designed to be used on shared basis. The shared resources include hardware (disk space), computing power (CPU and RAM), software programs and common data.
  5. Disk space: A soft limit of about 25 Go of disk quota is set on each account. If an account is expected to use more than 25 Go, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for temporary resource allocations. Users should remove their files from the server when analysis is done.
  6. Software: All software installed on the system are on shared basis in general. Regular users are discouraged from installing new software. Should there be special needs for a new software, the owner of the account must contact the system administrator for assistance.

  7. In principal, users should not install software that are already on the system. If you need a software that's not on the system, or you need an upgrated version of shared program, please let us know - we will be happy to add it because other users may also benefit from sharing. Exceptions are only those occassional and small scripts (under 10 MB in size; do not need to introduce large library to run).

  8. Shared Computing Power: The shared computing power includes CPU and RAM. If you need to run intensive computing jobs (any process that takes a significant portion of a CPU for extended time (10-20 minutes to hours), is considered as intensive job), please check the availability of free CPU to use before you submit any job.

    Usually, blast, megablast, bowtie, bwa, blat, exonarate, or scripts that handle huge amount of data, are considered to create large intensive jobs. Contact the system administrator if you are in doubt. 

  9. Data Backup and recovery: In general, the user accounts on the shared computer servers are NOT included in the backup plan due to limited capacity on our backup device. Only those user accounts used for collaborative database/web portal developments are included for weekly backup. 
  10. The system administrator is responsible to maintain the systems, to make sure it's in healthy status and properly shared for use by all users. The system administrator will help to solve problems, allocate resources, and maintain the system operations. In case of emergency, the system administrator reserves the right to suspend or lock an account if there are repeated violations of the user account policies.

Contact the system administrator if you are in doubt.

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