IRD Plant and Healt informatics  is an infomartic and bioinformatics platform providing resources to IRD teams working on plants and health.


Tools and databases:


Rice-BRCdb is an information system developed to manage information on rice genetic resources collected or produced by IRD or CIRAD institutes. 
ESTdb is a sequence analysis and annotation pipeline for EST data. 
InterProtDB is a databasefor storing and disseminating mass spectrometry based on host-parasite interaction proteomics data. 
MoccaDB is a comprehensive web resource for researchers working on Coffea genus, the Rubiaceae family or related species. 
Microarray is a database of rice microarray data (infection by pathogens: nematodes, xanthomonas...). 
CMap is a web-based tool that allows users to view comparisons of genetic and physical maps. more 
The Xanthomonas utilities website offers a collection of bioinformatic tools developed for the analysis of Xanthomonas genomes.

 VooIRD is a web-based toolkit used to medical questionnaire to HIV. This tool is based on Voozanno developped by Epiconcept

  RegaDB is a HIV database and analysis management environnement. It is used to HIV analysis tool. It is developped by K.U. Leuven  
  PINS-ARIM is web_based tool to arthropodes hematophages and soil nematodes collections management.

Collaborative projects/developments:


SNiPlay is a web-based tool for SNP and polymorphism analysis.

GnpAnnot is a collaborative system for structural and functional annotation (application in Coffea).

Galaxy is a collaborative platform...


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