The IRD Bioinformatic Cluster is composed of a pool of machines reachable through a single entry point. Connections to the internal machines are managed by a master node that tries to ensure that proper balancing is made across the available nodes at a given moment.Slurm scheduler installed on the master server manages priorities and ressources (CPU and RAM) for users job analyses. To ensure an optimal environment our cluster is hosted in CINES Datacenter facilities since April 2019.
The cluster includes:
  • One Master server
  • 3 nas servers for a 127To temporary data storage
  • 27 nodes servers : 8 nodes with 12 cores, 2 nodes with 16 cores, 4 nodes with 20 cores, 11 with 24 cores, 1 with 40 cores with RAM from 48Go to 1To and a GPU serveur with 8 RTX 2080 graphical cards.
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