General Plant Resources:

PlantGDB : Tools and resources for plant genomics.
Phytozome comparative genomics in green plants.                                   



SOL Genomics Network contains genomic, genetic, phenotypic and taxonomic information for Euasterid clade: Solanaceae (tomato, potato, eggplant, pepper, petunia) and Rubiaceae (coffee).
CoffeaDNA is a site about coffee genomics in Italy.


OrygenesDB is an interactive tool for Rice reverse genetics

Gramene is a resource for comparative grass genomics.
 OryzaTagLine is an integrative database for the functional analysis of the rice genome.


TAIR : Arabidopsis Information Resource                                               


 Grape Genome Browser at Genoscope.                                                  


 MaizeGDB is an informatics service to researchers focused on the plant crop and model organism Zea Mays.



ExPASy proteomics server.
Uniprot .
KEGG Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes.
Pfam database is a large collection of protein families, each represented by multiple sequence alignments and hidden Markov models

EMBOSS is "The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite"

miRBase is a searchable database of published miRNA sequences and annotation.

The GeneOntology project has the aim of standardizing the representation of gene and gene product attributes across species and databases.

The Plant Ontology Consortium is developing controlled vocabularies (ontologies) that describe plant anatomical and morphological structures and growth and developmental stages for all plants.

The OrthologID automates gene orthology determination within a character-based phylogenetic framework.

Collaborative projects:

ARCAD (Agropolis Resource Centre for Crop Conservation, Adaptation and Diversity)

GnpAnnot is a collaborative system for structural and functional annotation (application in Coffea).
 SNiPlay is a web-based tool for SNP and polymorphism analysis.



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